Thanksgiving 2015 @ Coronado Island Marriott in Coronado, CA

For the first time EVER my family decided to go out of town for Thanksgiving. I’m not sure what prompted us to try something different for the Thanksgiving holiday, but I’m SO GLAD we did!!

Because this trip involved my parents whom are in their 70s and 80s I figured it would be kind to make this quick getaway as low key as possible. We visit San Diego quite often so I began to think of a trip that would also include something we hadn’t done before.

It occurred to me that in all the years of visiting the San Diego area we had never actually stayed on Coronado Island overnight. Yes, we had been to Coronado several times to visit. But it was always fairly quick trips over, usually on the ferry. We would just do the typical touristy thing of visiting the historic Hotel Del Coronado and a few other spots on the island. But we had never planned to stay at a hotel on the island.

Staying at The Hotel Del Coronado went outside of the plan to keep this trip low on expenses. We really just wanted a quick, simple, fairly cheap weekend holiday getaway. The deal we found on Booking.com for the Coronado Island Marriott helped us stay within our budget while staying on the island.

I really liked this place and would stay here again in a heartbeat. We arrived on Thanksgiving Day. We have been in San Diego and Coronado for Christmas and the entire region was a mad house. I assumed it would be incredibly crowded for the Thanksgiving holiday, as well. I was wrong. San Diego was SUPER low key this year for Thanksgiving. Our hotel had people there but it wasn’t crowded AT ALL. Which was very nice and relaxing. It made getting around very easy and pleasant.

On our first day, we ate at the hotel’s main restaurant for their Thanksgiving Bruch which was $67.00. It was a bit pricier than what we anticipated paying for our Thanksgiving dinner BUT the food was so incredibly good and the service was so fantastic AND the views and overall ambiance was so amazing that we got over it real quick. It was ALL well worth the cost.

I forgot to take pics of our rooms but we were pleased.

The level of customer service was superb. Everyone we came into contact with from the valet to the front desk and restaurant staff, were incredibly nice and accommodating.

The hotel isn’t exactly in the center of things. But Coronado is small. Very small. So even if you’re not staying on Orange Avenue, which is the center of all the hot spots, as long as you have a bike or car you can EASILY get to everywhere you want to go.

The hotel was across from a senior community and kind of surrounded by a residential neighborhood and a few other medical facilities. But we were right off the bridge exit which is why the hotel has such an amazing view of the bay and bridge. In addition, we were just a few stop signs down from Orange Avenue.

When we got ready to go find a restaurant or go visit the Hotel Del Coronado or go to a CVS or Vons grocery store, we were just a few short blocks away. Also, it was nice to be that close to the bridge because whenever we decided to go into San Diego, we were right at the bridge.

The hotel has its own little boat/ferry that will take you over to the mainland but we never rode on it. So I can’t really add any input on that. But from what I saw online, it seems like a really great idea and service for the hotel to provide. We didn’t get a chance to walk around the hotel as much as I had planned or would have liked BUT from the areas I did see and was able to capture, the grounds of the hotel are beautiful and well kept.

My ONLY gripe is the parking fees. It’s $33 a day for valet which totally sucks! This has now become the norm for San Diego hotels which drives me nuts. I grew up coming to San Diego and they never did this whole parking fees bullshit until recent years. Argh!!! Oh well, I guess it’s just something you have to deal with. By the way, you don’t have to do valet. You CAN do self-parking. But it’s like $27 a day. Um, for us, that wasn’t a big enough difference to do the self-parking. You might as well pay the few dollars difference and do the valet parking. I don’t know how efficient the valet would be if the hotel was more crowded. But for us, the valet was really fast and worth the few extra dollars over parking in the back of the hotel in the self-parking.

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback of your own you would like to add regarding this hotel or Coronado as a whole. In the meantime, I will add pictures and videos as I come across them on my phone.





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